ICT Help Desk

For ERP related, contact your Project Site CTM (Adm. Manager) or the following officials as per the issue types:

Accounts & Budget (Finance) Module
Mr. Karma Tshering,
E-mail: karmatshering@gyalsunginfra.bt

Material Management (Procurement) Module
Mr. Jigme Choejur
E-mail: jigmechoejur@gyalsunginfra.bt

Human Resource Module
Mr. Phuntsho
E-mail: phuntsho@gyalsunginfra.bt

Sales, Asset & Mechanic (Fleet) Module
Mr. Dorji Phurpa
E-mail: dorjiphurba@gyalsunginfra.bt

Project Module
Mr. Yeshi Nedup
E-mail: yeshinedup@gyalsunginfra.bt

Any other ERP/ICT related issues:
Mr. Jay Rai Rai (jairajrai@gyalsunginfra.bt)


Ms. Karma Denkar (ict@gyalsunginfra.bt)

Kindly please route your issues through the Project site CTMs who will then consult the respective module CTMs if required. Or you may raise a ticket in ERP System in Knowledge & Support icon or clicking here.